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- Please note the Better Care Closer to Home consultation has closed. 


- A clarification period is now open from 31st October - 28th November 2016.


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- Better Care Closer to Home consultation clarification leaflet - Please read and reply.


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Better Care Closer to Home - Consultation Clarification

31 Oct 2016, Next steps and further engagement following 21c Better Care Closer to Home consultation Following 14 weeks of public consultation, the NHS in Derbyshire would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute their feedback on the proposals put forward to provide better joined-up care closer to home. We received over 170... ...Read more

Better Care Closer to Home consultation has closed

06 Oct 2016, Please note that the consultation has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who gave their time to consider and respond to our proposals. ...Read more

Bolsover Market Place - Tuesday 13th September 2016

09 Sep 2016, The Better Care Closer to Home team will be standing on Bolsover Market Place on Tuesday 13th September at 8.30am,  please come along and collect a questionnaire to complete and ask any questions.     ...Read more

Public meetings continue as health consultation end date nears

02 Sep 2016, Proposals to provide better care closer to home for many older people in northern Derbyshire were launched by NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group on Wednesday 29 June and September will see an additional round of public events take place before the consultation closes on We... ...Read more

Come to our drop-in sessions

01 Aug 2016, Drop-in sessions have been organised for August and September across all of North Derbyshire, with new dates keep being added. Click here to see the dates. ...Read more

New Public Meeting dates

01 Aug 2016, More public meetings have been planned for September 2016. Click here for the dates and venues. ...Read more


Have you checked out our information video? It explains some financial corrections we've shared this month: https://t.co/kgwyFtl6gJ See more

Check out our clarification info to make sure your consultation contribution still stands - we're open until Nov 28 https://t.co/yplb38XTlK See more

We're sharing some clarifications - so you can decide if they'd have impacted on your original view of proposals https://t.co/kgwyFtl6gJ See more

Until Nov 28 you have opportunity to examine figures incorrect in pre-consultation business case and comment https://t.co/yplb38XTlK See more

We apologise4 any confusion. Clarification on incorrect pre-consultation business case figures. Find out more: https://t.co/9j3mJISLWE See more