Community Hubs to transform care
Published On: Monday 02 February 2015

Community hubs will play a pivotal role in changing the way care is provided to ensure that North Derbyshire people can live healthy, independent and vibrant lives in the community.

The hubs will provide and support joined up community based care services; developed with local people to meet their need.

‘Community hubs’ is also the name of the work stream which is co-ordinating the development of the hubs. This is where key ideas are coming to fruition as the group considers the network of community facilities that will be needed to support JoinedUpCare for our local communities.

 “We are looking to develop a comprehensive range of local services which may be delivered from multiple centres. These centres will integrate with primary care and support people to remain healthy, independent and in their local community. The populations in each of our communities are different and services need to be aligned to their needs as they have different access to services currently,” explains Tracy Allen, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) and the Executive Lead for the community hubs.

DCHS also has a huge network of facilities including community hospitals and health centres that can be used differently to transform the quality of care that people receive in the community.

“It’s vital that we make the most of the opportunities to make better and more efficient use of our existing facilities,” adds Tracy.

“Our facilities have been developed over 60 years in the NHS around different organisations and you definitely wouldn’t start from here to design 21st century care in a 19th century building. So, we have to look at the ways we use the facilities and maximise the opportunities to use new technology.

As JoinedUpCare becomes successful in helping people to maintain independence, the role of community hubs will necessarily need to develop. The development of community hubs should therefore be seen as a ‘progressive process’ that will evolve over the coming years as the needs and expectations of people develop; this is not just a one off ‘project’.

The intention is to develop community hubs with stakeholders and the public through wide scale engagement and involvement. The needs of people vary across North Derbyshire so ‘not one size will fit all’ and it’s essential to work with all eight local communities to consider options which meet their specific needs.

“As the new models of care are being developed, we’re getting a clear consensus shared with the public for doing things differently,” says Tracy.

“Never before have all the organisations involved in delivering care joined together with one shared common purpose. So that’s why I’m thrilled and passionate about this work. There is a commitment, enthusiasm and energy across the organisations in North Derbyshire and with individual clinicians and professionals. It’s a testament to everyone’s values and commitment to the NHS.”



The role of Community Hubs


•           Provide ‘out of hospital’ places from which JoinedUpCare will be delivered.

•           Service the needs of children and adults.

•           Support the integration and delivery of mental health, physical health and social care – to meet whole needs of people (‘whole person care’).

•           Offer urgent, planned and bedded care to complement services provided at home and in hospitals - delivering the right care, in the right setting, by the right people.

•           Meet the specific needs of local communities; not one size will fit all.

•           Recognise that different communities will start with different services and facilities (including primary care).

•           Potentially be delivered from a combination of the most appropriate physical locations to balance access and resilience needs.

•           Take account of housing developments and new facilities.

•           Consider how technology can support new approaches to care delivery.



The work stream is one of nine which have been prioritised to deliver the ambitions set out in the overall plan. Crucially, it will link with, and be dependent upon, other work to develop JoinedUpCare services including improving access to urgent and planned care services.

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