Help shape the future of care services in your local community
Published On: Friday 27 February 2015

The eight care organisations that serve 390,000 North Derbyshire citizens are looking to their local communities for support - as they set out to change and improve the way services are planned and provided in future. 

The #JoinedUpCare programme is hosting a series of public events - inviting local people to come along and discuss the challenges facing health and social care services, hear about the good work already happening, as well as learning what opportunities exist to make further improvements.  It’s a chance for people to come along, have their say, and share their recent experiences of care services – what worked well, what wasn’t so good and what they would like care services to look like in future.

Chief Officer for NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Jackie Pendleton comments: "We want as many of our local citizens as possible to get involved in the #JoinedUpCare programme.  After all, it’s their health, their care and their services that we want to improve.  It’s important that we don’t just listen to their views, but act on them – and use their experiences to develop our plans and developments.”

A total of eight public events are taking place throughout March. Audiences will have the opportunity to hear from the NHS leaders taking the #JoinedUpCare approach forward; as well as learning more about the ideas and proposals that exist so far.

NHS Hardwick CCG’s Chief Officer, Andy Gregory says: "This week we have been hitting the streets of North Derbyshire finding out what people want from 21c #JoinedUpCare, talking to staff across all our different organisations and every household will receive more information which explains what 21c #JoinedUpCare is. 

“Before we make decisions about the future, we will continue to take the views and opinions we collect into account.  It’s about local communities and professionals’ telling us how local care services can best meet the needs of their local people – and it’s these views that will guide us in shaping care across North Derbyshire”

Link to events listing /come-and-meet-us/events/listings/

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We want to give our citizens high-quality clinical care, well-organised care and a great patient and service experience. We’d like to hear about your experiences of health and social care - what worked well and what wasn’t so good? If you needed care services in future what would they look like and where would it be provided?
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